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Journal of the History of Ideas, Volume 75, Number 1, January 2014

Euripides’s Orestes and the Concept of Conscience in Greek Philosophy
Jed W. Atkins

Competing Traditions in the Historiography of Ancient Greek Colonization in Italy
Lela M. Urquhart

Vitoria’s Ideas of Supernatural and Natural Sovereignty: Adam and Eve’s Marriage, the Uncivil Amerindians, and the Global Christian Nation
Toy-Fung Tung

Francis Bacon, Violence, and the Motion of Liberty: The Aristotelian Background
Peter Pesic

Sir John Davies’s Agrarian Law for Ireland
D. Alan Orr

Differing Interpretations of la conscience collective and “the Individual” in Turkey: Émile Durkheim and the Intellectual Origins of the Republic
Hilmi Ozan Özavcı

Review-Essay: Religion and Enlightenment
Simon Grote


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